Tips for marijuana harvest time. How to cut the plant

Time to harvest. How do we cut the marijuana plant? What we take away? How to prepare it for drying? What is the manicure? At the time of collecting the plants there are two methods for cutting of the specimens of cannabis. Depending on length of the plant and the space we have to do the manicure, we cut through the base or we can cut the branches into smaller pieces.

These pieces should be comfortable to handle in order to remove the larger leaves. We are talking of cutting limbs without discarding the stem parts that are not covered with buds, to facilitate the task of hanging in the drying location. In the event that we harvest the whole plant of marijuana it must be large enough to successfully perform the work of manicure. The manicured is to remove the plant the largest leaves, and some not so great but do not have trichomes (balls resin). The easiest is to perform this task just after harvest, but we can save work if we remove a couple of days before the larger leaves of the plant.

There is a practice that is to keep the leaves on the plant until it has passed the drying process. In this way we protect the trichomes from breakage and crushing, as well as light. Remember that light, once cut the plant will gradually degragando THC resin. This method is recommended when the place where they will dry the plants can make these to rub over each other or from being hit. The only drawback of this method is that the manicured task becomes much more awkward and difficult, having branches lost their flexibility and leaves much to be stiff and rigid.

Both forms of harvesting marijuana are correct. One has the advantage of being more comfortable (and when there is too much a manicure, this is important), and the other greater protection of the resin. But more important is chosen is chosen, is to try always to the plants carefully, and avoid touching as far as possible the buds and plant parts where we see shining resin.

 "Marijuana "Trichomes
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